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Joakim too looked hilarious dancing...

Jul 6, 2011 12:21 PM


from Jasper Chen by Jasper Chen

Today's the release, after a 3-4 week crazy marathon with time. Projects in all modules, and a whole lot of human drama with the people I'm concerned with, worked with, and even acquaintances that just came out of the blue to bother me... somehow.

I spent the entire day at home, a feeling I really missed... getting in touch with my dramas, of which the last episode of Nodame Cantabile in Europe made me cry and yearn for a 2nd season.

Walking home from dinner, drinking my favorite "Chocolate Oreo Milk Tea", I felt so carefree, and rewarded. I noticed my pace of walking today was exceptionally slower than on other days. It made me realised that the past few weeks was the most lifeless time of my life.

Thinking back, I can just say that I felt like patting myself on the back saying, "Otsukare".

Still, thanks to Jon from Stages, I got a complimentary ticket for Chesty Nutty Bang Bang (Chestnuts in the previous years). It was a well needed laugh, with many credits to Bang Wenfu for the hilarious mixes he came up with. I wouldn't spoil it here, but for a first-timer that is listening to his works, it was mindblowing that anyone could think of something so unexpected. Yeo Yan Yan was exploding with talent on stage, and her character in the production was a surprising turn. Joakim too looked hilarious dancing on that "shiny pole", and I was rather impressed with his debut performance in theatre.

Looking at so many people overflowing with talent, makes me want to work harder and try out new things. I don't really feel I am in the right direction, as I am much more into working with new media types, and get really creative on those. Such things does rely on connections even if I had the talent.

Anyway, today's supposed to be a happy day. I should be happy that my school projects are all over. Although exams are coming my way, I shouldn't think about it as yet. Those assignments took everything out from me.

Finally, to all my friends, sorry to disappear again, but I think I will reappear next week only to disappear again the week after (exams). =)

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